Allistro: Blog

Subject based blog for Dr. Dirk Neukirchen


Thematically/content related and in Google Search Results quantitatively positioning of the General Manager of the newly established associated company Allistro GmbH.

Challenge / Goals:

Increasing of the online findability of the General Manager after the reestablishment of the company, proofing competence and improvement of Google Search Results.

Implementation / Outcome:

Development of a Google Strategy (SEO), use of different Social Media Platforms with the blog as core element, implementation of a subject schedule with relevant content, ongoing updates, being amongst the top six search results on Google when searching for the General Manager’s name, extrusion of competitors on Google.

Positioning of Allistro General Manager Dr. Dirk Neukirchen via Weblog with focus on company succession in the middle-class sector

Clients and Contact Names:

Allistro GmbH
Beethovenstr. 7, 60536 Frankfurt am Main

Dr. Dirk Neukirchen, Geschäftsführer

ALLISTRO is a private equity company founded by German Mittelstand entrepreneurs with a clear focus on the medical technology, safety technology, chemicals and plastics technology sectors.

Time Period:

2012 – today