Käfferbitz: Website

Dental professionalism in a nutshell


Relaunch Website

Challenge / Goal:

Elaboration of the positioning for targeted addressing of patients/potential patients, colleagues and partners.

Implementation / Outcome:

Development of a new contact strategy, new design and focus of the practice site.

Conception, design, text production and programming of the practice website Käfferbitz.

Clients and Contact Names:

Dental Practice Dres. Antje and Peter Käfferbitz
Franz-Schubert-Straße 9, 56204 Hillscheid

Dr. med. dent. Antje Käfferbitz
Dr. med. dent. Peter Käfferbitz


The dental practice Käfferbitz was founded in 1960 and stands for team spirit and tradition. Run in third generation since 1991 Dres. Antje and Peter Käfferbitz and the practice team advocate for dental health.


Health Care

Time Period:

since 2018 – 2019