North Channel Bank: Website

The Exceptional Merchant Bank for Innovative Banking Services

Privatbank seit 1924


Relaunch of Website after creation of the client’s brand image.


The North Channel Bank went through a complete brand profile change and was supported by BRANDCONTRAST as the lead communication agency in the process of building a new brand image.


Corporate Website with responsive Webdesign, Search Engine Optimization, ongoing support and updating of Website.


Chris Brackmann, Intelego

Relaunch Website North Channel Bank, including conception, implementation, Search Engine Optimizitaion (SEO) and ongoing support.

Clients and contact names:

North Channel Bank GmbH & Co. KG
Erthalstraße 1, Bonifaziusturm B, 55118 Mainz, Germany

Harald Zenke, Management
Angelika Langen, Vice President Marketing & Communication


As an independent specialist bank, privately owned since 1924, the North Channel Bank provides future-oriented and intelligent lending and capital market solutions as well as advisory in the segments of US Life Settlements, equity investments, structured finance and digital banking services.

Time Period:

since 2017