Schmale Architekten: Facebook Brand Page

Corporate Page


Creation of a Fanpage for presenting current construction projects and events, the dialogue on subjects related to architecture and urban planning as well as excursions of the Technical University of Cologne, Faculty of Architecture, under the supervision of the lecturer Markus Schmale, architect BDA Dipl.-Ing. Conception, implementation and ongoing support.

Challenge / Goal:

Generating of Followers, increasing of brand awareness, emotionalisation, positioning as an internationally oriented architectural practice.

Implementation / Outcome:

Creation of a Facebook brand page, ongoing updates of texts, interviews, videos and images of excursion destinations in Asia and of projects in the business area, community management. The German channel is still online today, but since the Facebook data leak crisis is no longer actively served.

Creation and Ongoing Support of a Fanpage for Presenting Current Construction Projects and Events

Clients and Contact Names:

Schmale Architekten GmbH
Landstraße 18,
41526 Grevenbroich-Hemmerden

Markus Schmale, Architect BDA Dipl.-Ing.

Time Period:

March 2015 till September 2019