Taunusleben: Living at the Castle

DELTA: Project Website


Supporting the marketing of the property project “Living at the Castle”.

Challenge / Goal:

Elaboration of the positioning for targeted addressing of potential clients under the umbrella brand Taunusleben and establishing a framework for future projects.

Implementation / Outcome:

Raising the profile of the umbrella brand. Conception and design of the overall appearance as well as the creation of a modern and professional property-marketing-website.

Conception and creation of print material, including brochures as well as additional material like construction sign and signposting system.


Chris Brackmann

Implementation of a property-marketing-website including brochures/print

Clients and Contact Names:

DELTA Selling Group Klauer Reuter Real Estate Company mbH, Member of IVD
Siemensstraße 2, 61352 Bad Homburg v.d.H.

Alexander Klauer


DELTA Immobilien was founded in 1971 and is one of the most long-standing estate companies in the Rhein-Main area. DELTA Immobilien is specialized on the distribution of property developer schemes, the national and international selling of large real estate and real estate development.


Real Estate

Time Period:

since 2015