1.1 Management Consultant (MC) € 220,00/hr.
1.2 Senior Strategist (SS) € 190,00/hr.
1.3 Senior Consultant (SC) € 160,00/hr.
1.4 Consultant (C) € 135,00/hr.
1.5 Junior Consultant (JC) € 99,00/hr.
1.6 Assistant (AS) € 66,00/hr.
1.7 Office/Administration (SAM) € 85,00/hr.

The calculated average hourly wage rate amounts to approx. € 1.091,00/136,50.
Services during night time between 22 and 6 o’clock and on Saturdays are calculated with a factor of 1.5, on Sundays and bank holidays with a factor of 2.0.



2.1 Licence Basic Fee BRANDCAT € 475,00/month
2.2 Licence Basic Fee Online Status € 75,00/month
2.3 Licence Basic Fee per User € 25,00/month
2.4 Hosting € 50,00/month



3.1 Travel and Transportation Expenses € 30,00/hr.
3.2 Travel Expenses € according to receipt
3.3 Mileage Allowance € 0,50/KM
3.4 Office Flat Rate on In-house Services 2,50 %
3.5 Operation Costs – Flat Rate on In-house Services 5,00 %
3.6 as an alternative to 3.5: Operating costs on itemization € as per receipt



4.1 Copies DIN A 4, bw € 0,25/pc.
4.2 Copies DIN A 3, bw € 0,45/pc.
4.3 Copies DIN A 4, color € 0,50/pc.
4.4 Copies DIN A 3, color € 0,90/pc.
4.5 Data Medium/Blank CD € 1,00/pc.
4.6 ISDN Transfer
4.7 Telephone Costs € 0,15/unit
4.8 Fax Costs € 0,30/unit
4.9 Postal Charges € per receipt
4.10 Distribution, Courier, Packaging, Transport, Storage € per receipt



5.1 Accounting of external services € per receipt
5.2 Service fee on all external services
– on behalf and bill of client 7,50 %
– on own behalf behalf and bill 15,00 %
5.3 Service fee on media placements 10,00 %
5.4 Service fee on additional costs/expenditures and material/distribution 0,00 %
5.5 Artist’s Social Insurance 5,00 %

All prices are subject to the addition of value added tax at the statutory rate.



In-House Services:
In-house services are services carried out by the contractor in terms of time. In-house services will be accounted according to hourly rates and determined time taken according to price list.

External Services:
External services are services produced by third party that are commissioned by the contractor for the client. After a factual and calculated examination external services will be charged for the client. For the coordination of external services that principally get granted on the name and bill of the client to execute orders on behalf of the client as well as interest payments we are accounting a service fee in the amount of 15,00 %. Services granted directly on behalf of the client are service fee free.

Expenses include costs, which develop for the contractor in executing client assignments. For office and working materials (e.g. business papers, envelopes, printable labels, postal delivery and accompanying notes) and for administrative services an “office flat rate” in the amount of 2,5 % on the fee for provided in-house services will be charged. Individual expenses (e.g. telephone and fax costs, Email and internet costs, postage, courier services, photocopies or data storage devices) are calculated on evidence of supporting documents and individual proofs or alternatively as an “expenses flat rate” amounting to 5.0 % on the fee incurred for the performed in-house services.


Active: 01.01.2023