BDN, BVDN, BVDP: Association websites

Focus on professional associations


Launch of the association websites of the professional associations BDN (Professional Association of German Neurologists), BVDN (Professional Association of German Nervous doctors) and BVDP (Professional Association of German Psychiatrists).

Challenge / Goal:

The content-related and visual positioning of the respective professional association as a strong representation of interests and contact for treating physicians in the fields of neurology, neuro science, psychology and psychiatry. In addition, the content-related and visual presentation and bundling of the state associations, topics and practice aids relevant for the physicians.


Development of the approach strategy of the target groups as well as the creation of content and design of a website tailored to the respective professional association. Up-to-date reporting on the activities of the associations through press releases and statements, with links to the central news platform ZNS.

Launch of the three websites of the professional associations BDN, BVDN, BVDP, including conception, implementation, content creation and search engine optimization (SEO).

Clients and contact names:

Cortex – Management GmbH
Wulffstraße 8
12165 Berlin

RA Bernhard Michatz, Manager

The Professional Association of German Neurologists represents the medical, social, entrepreneurial, legal and economic interests of neurologically active physicians and is committed to the comprehensive outpatient and inpatient care of patients as well as the continuous improvement of a patient-oriented, neurological profession.

The Professional Association of German Nervous doctors bundles the professional and care policy interests of contracted nervous doctors, neurologists and psychiatrists/psychotherapists at state and federal level. The professional association is sustainably committed to the qualified outpatient neuropsychiatric patient care by established specialists as well as to the implementation of economic and political interests and the professional training of its members.

The Professional Association of German Psychiatrists develops somatic and psychotherapeutic treatment concepts and ensures the working conditions of psychiatrists in outpatient medical care.


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