Campaign website #Souls+BrainHealth: Staying strong in the crisis

An initiative for mental, physical and social health


Conception and creation of a website for the campaign “#Souls+BrainHealth”, positioning of the umbrella association CNS (SPIZ) and editorial implementation of topics from the fields of neurology and psychology.

Challenge / Goal:

Textual and visual presentation of health topics, target group-oriented preparation of the contents and positioning of the central association CNS. Conception of the content aligned to the campaign thematic focus “resilience”, the identification of concrete possibilities for action to strengthen individual physical and mental health as well as the reference to the responsible specialists, support facilities and telephone counseling.

Implementation / Outcome:

Development of the approach strategy, content creation and design of a campaign page tailored to the target groups and the umbrella association CNS with the focus on “Maintaining mental health in crisis situations”. Ongoing maintenance and support of the website as well as the use of social media measures to spread the campaign #Souls+BrainHealth.

Conception and implementation of the campaign website for the SPIZ, responsive web design, search engine optimization (SEO) and accompanying Facebook account.

Clients and contact names:

Spitzenverband Zentrales Nervensystem
Cortex – Management GmbH
Am Zollhof 2a
47829 Krefeld

RA Bernhard Michatz


The National Association CNS (SPIZ) is an association of leading specialist medical associations of psychiatric, child and adolescent psychiatric, neurological and psychosomatic specialist groups. The SPIZ includes the Professional Association of German Nervous doctors (BVDN), the Professional Association of German Neurologists (BDN), the Professional Association of German Specialists in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (BVDP), the Professional Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy in Germany (BKJPP) and the Professional Association of Specialists in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy in Germany (BPM).


Health Care

Time period:

April – Juni 2020