Schmale Architekten: Website

Esthetic. Precise. Functional.


Creation of a corporate website on which the aesthetic architecture with functional standards, characterized by simple, clear and constructive principles of the architectural office can be experienced.

Challenge / Goal:

Emotional, well-staged presentation of the range of services. Boosting the Schmale brand on its way from a local to a national corporate brand.

Implementation / Outcome:

Joint development of the communication strategy with the customer, which combines the content of the website with SEO (search engine optimization). Conception and development of a responsive, dialog-oriented B2B sales website with well-placed dialog elements. Ongoing planning and creation of editorial content. Strategic use of smart social media measures.


Chris Brackmann

Conception, design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of the company website with a strong focus on the presentation of construction projects and topics, responsive web design and search engine optimization (SEO).

Client and Contact names:

Schmale Architekten GmbH
Landstraße 18
41516 Grevenbroich – Hemmerden

Markus Schmale, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt BDA

Schmale Architects is a classic architecture office in the Rhein-Kreis Neuss with a clear and independent signature, which has made it its task to design every construction project in such a way that the sequence of rooms in terms of functionality and aesthetics both inside and outside for the user can be experienced and seen by the viewer. The portfolio includes concepts and construction projects from public, commercial, church and private builders.

Time period:

since 2018