20 Years of BDN: A Campaign Website

Well informed – Well connected – Well represented!


Creation of a microsite on the topic “20 years BDN”, illustration of the 20-year history and achievements of the BDN as well as the positioning of the professional association with a view to the future.

Challenge / Goal:

The content and visual presentation of the 20-year history and the importance of the BDN for neurologists in Germany. Elaboration of the targeted approach of neurologically active physicians, young prospective physicians as well as members and potential new members of the professional association.

Implementation / Outcome:

Development of the approach strategy, content creation and design of a campaign page tailored to the professional association.

Conception and implementation of the microsite for the Professional Association of German Neurologists (BDN), responsive web design and search engine optimization (SEO).

Clients and contact names:

Berufsverband Deutscher Neurologen e.V.
Am Zollhof 2a
47829 Krefeld

Dr. Uwe Meier, 1. Chairman


The Professional Association of German Neurologists represents the medical, social, entrepreneurial, legal and economic interests of physicians practicing neurology and is committed to the comprehensive outpatient and inpatient care of their patients as well as the continuous improvement of a patient-oriented, neurological professional practice.


Health Care

Time period:

February – May 2020