Commune Merzenich: Structural Change

Desire for a better future!


Development of a sustainable and actionable future concept for the commune Merzenich. Development as “future region agriculture & climate”, consulting and operative counselling of the mayor. Supporting the press and media work.

Challenge / Outcome:

The commune Merzenich, which is directly affected by the planned coal exit, is facing a structural change.

Implementation / Outcome:

Creation of a future and communication strategy for the commune, conception and creation of 14 project descriptions, the brochure “Lust auf eine gute Zukunft”, a press and presentation map as well as other presentations.


Mainteam (Aschaffenburg)

Creation of a future strategy for the commune, consulting and operational support within the “Strukturwandel Rheinisches Revier”

Clients and Contact Names:

Commune Merzenich
Valdersweg 1, 52399 Merzenich


Georg Gelhausen (Mayor)

Merzenich is based in the heart of the rhenish brown coal field. Close to Aachen-Colone, Merzenich is offering a perfect living and working environment for its citizens and companies. The commune is well known due to the „Hambacher Forst”.

Time Period:

since the beginning of 2019


Services / Products: